Real Time Strategy PC Games

A number of people play computer games as computer games are fun-packed and allow players to enjoy their time. Computer games are also very exciting and this is one of the reasons of the popularity of computer games. Playing fun-packed computer games is one of the best ways to kill the time and to relax. However, not everyone is in the favor of computer games as people usually spend a lot of time on computer games because of the excitement and fun offered by them.
Also, an individual usually forgets about the real-world problems while playing computer games and this is one of the reasons why not everyone is in the favor of games. However, computer games have a number of benefits as well, but it depends on the player whether he uses computer games in a correct way or not. Excess of anything is not good and this is also applicable to the time spend on computer games. It depends on an individual whether he uses computer games in a beneficial way or not.
Benefits of computer games
An individual can improve the decision-making skills by playing computer games. In strategy based computer games, the player needs to make optimal use of limited resources in order to complete the missions. A plan has to be developed in order to use resources efficiently and to make a perfect plan, a number of things are to be considered and a number of decisions are to be made. Generally, the player needs to think ahead of the current situation and develop appropriate plans.
The ability to think forward in real-life is very useful and the people who can think ahead of the current situation usually have the plans ready for handling different situations. Sometimes in a game, decisions are to be made with-in few seconds and so, the player needs to think fast so as to make a decision. So, individuals who are not very good at making strategies and decisions can play computer games so as to improve the decision-making skills. However, you should not expect instant results as it takes time to improve the skills and the time required to improve the skills depends on the mental ability of the person.

Computer games also help individuals to improve their ability to memorize things correctly. Some games require players to remember the clues, maps, and the location in order to play the game easily. So, players try to memorize and re-collect various things while playing games. This helps them to remember and re-collect things easily in real-world. Remembering and re-collecting things in real-life is very useful and by playing computer games, an individual can improve his ability to memorize things.
People who play computer games are found to have better eye-hand coordination than people who don’t play computer games. While playing computer games, players need to use eyes and hands together. Players need to use hands to use the buttons which are required for performing different tasks available in the game and eyes are needed to see the game. The current situation of the game determines the task to be performed and so, the player needs to use hands and eyes together in order to play the game efficiently.
Computer games help individuals to improve their ability to solve puzzles. A number of puzzle games are available which require players to think logically so as to solve the puzzle. So, people can improve their ability to solve puzzles by playing puzzle-based computer games.
This is a Trailer for the first Warrior Kings game. Note this is the first Sequel of the Warrior Kings Games. This is not Warrior Kings (Battles). This is a Campaign Game where you play as Arthos, and it is up to you to choose Arthos destiny in this RTS Game. You can play Multiplayer in this game. Team up or fight against each other. But i recommend you to play Warrior Kings – (Battles) instead, since it got more functions and options. But This game is an awesome Strategy game. *If you have any questions about this game… Just shoot them out! I will try answering them!

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