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Warzone 2100 Legacy is a fork of the Warzone 2100 Project with the goals of utilizing modern technology available for the game for a vastly superior engine and GUI, while keeping core gameplay, and just about anything considered nostalgic, especially the balance, mostly intact as it was in the Warzone 2100 Project’s 2.3.x release. The codebase for Legacy is changing rapidly.

NEWS: Warzone 2100 Legacy is undergoing a codebase shift! We are switching to wz2100.net’s 2.3 release as our codebase! By popular demand, we have made this change. We are already making excellent progress! Track our progress here:


If you are interested in becoming a developer of Warzone 2100 Legacy, contact thinkingrodent@gmail.com.
We can use all the help we can get. You don’t have to contribute often,
you just need to contribute quality stuff that follows our project goals.

We currently have a forums and an IRC Channel.

Windows builds and source code tarballs are available under Downloads. Thanks for your interest in Legacy.

-Subsentient, founder of The Warzone 2100 Legacy Project